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*Others* responses to Guidelines consultation

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EHE Guidelines Consultation 2007 - Responses from those in the category "Others" 



There were 102 responses to the consultation that were classified as "others".

Most had ticked this option on the response form, others had ticked more than one box including others, and some had not checked a box or used the response form and must have been categorised by the DfES.


The responses to the consultation from Local Authorities can be seen here.



Files available 


Those 102 responses have been received in 14 pdf files after making a FOI request for them.

The pdf files will not be individually transcribed but are available below to view or download.


others 1.pdf

others 2.pdf

others 3.pdf

others 4.pdf

others 5.pdf

others 6.pdf

others 7.pdf

others 8.pdf

others 9.pdf

others 10.pdf

others 11.pdf

others 12.pdf

others 13.pdf

others 14.pdf



List of the 102


We have also made a list of the 102 in the order in which they appear in the pdf files:



    In Others 1


  1. representative of a local home educators group…”


  2. parent who once considered HE and knows HEers


  3. parent of 3yo considering HE


  4. primary school teacher who has several family who were HE


  5. parent of schooled children, admires HEers, would like to HE


  6. parent of a child who has HE friends




  8. details not specified by respondent


  9. concerned parent who knows excellent HEers


    In others 2


  10. parent considering HE


  11. Education Walsall


  12. CAPE – prof network supporting schools re Child Protection


  13. Leeds Safeguarding Children Board (much of which, including case examples, is the same as CAPE’s response)


  14. about to become HEer


  15. Communities Empowerment Network – support and represent parents at exclusion hearings


    In others 3


  16. Wokingham Safeguarding Children Board


  17. TreeHouse – national autism education charity


  18. Institute of Education – University researcher


  19. adult who was HEd


  20. parent of 3 children (2 autistic) who says HE is an option


  21. former HEer and former teacher and HE writer (promotes Human Scale Education)


  22. ex HE parent


  23. mother who may consider HE if local schools inadequate


    In others 4


  24. parent whose children have an unrestricted education


  25. grandfather of HE children


  26. relative of HE child


  27. Tyndale Tuition


  28. Education Otherwise/member of Education Otherwise


  29. mum of two pre-school age who won’t be going to school


    In others 5


  30. Association for Education Welfare Management – (mentions Fred West and Eunice Spry)


  31. Home Education Research Association


  32. Former HEer – LEA now provide a home tutor


  33. potential HEer


  34. potential HEer


  35. LEA EHE advisor’s personal response – happily using draft guidelines and working doc as saying they are useful!


  36. Interested member of the public


  37. Person, with HE friends, who may HE in future


    In others 6


  38. Qualified specialist teacher with international experience


  39. AMA Network – DfES safeguarding field force worker (should DfES staff be allowed to respond to DfES consults??)


  40. self employed education consultant – EHE consultant/advisor formerly designated a section 7 inspector 


  41. parent


  42. parent who temporarily HEd


  43. parent considering options and likely to HE


  44. parent considering HE


  45. Briteschool – a live online school providing support to HEers and expats wanting a  British education


    In others 7


  46. retired teacher grandparent of HEd children


  47. “individual”


  48. family living and learning together without reference to schooling


  49. not specified by respondent


  50. home ed parent  (seems to be in wrong section)


  51. someone from Cornwall.gov.uk (name redacted)


    In others 8


  52. mother of schooled children who knows HE parents


  53. parent with school age children


  54. parent considering HE


  55. parent considering HE


  56. ASCL – Association of School and College Leaders


  57. National children’s charity specialising in education and child law (asked for response to be kept confidential – but possibly the Children’s Legal Centre as it suggests them as an extra resource)


  58. ASCEL – Association of Senior Education and Children’s Librarians)


  59. Supporting a Home Educator


    In others 9


  60. Family Resources – Former home educators whose children are now adult. Retired Primary School Head teacher. We offer help to home educators.


  61. Walsall Safeguarding Children Board (pg 9/58 – others9.pdf) – responding on behalf of West Midlands Regional Safeguarding Network


  62. Free Range Learning- home education support group (Exeter)


  63. Aunt of 3 HE children


  64. not specified by the respondent


  65. “Freelance education consultant with responsibility for monitoring the educational provision for children educated at home” – personal response not representing LA


  66. Aspect – trade union and professional association


    In others 10


  67. someone from Suffolk County Council who was at the Harlow Home Ed Conference with DfES in Nov 2006


  68. “individual” – grandparent of HE children


  69. NASWE


  70. HEer, EO local contact and ??


  71. grandmother of two adults who were HEd


  72. retired social work manager


  73. Professional Association of teachers pg 47/54 others10.pdf


    In others 11


  74. concerned grandfather who was taught in an independent school


  75. parent of (number deleted) under eights, church leader.


  76. mother intending to continue HE when child reaches school age


  77. aunt of 2 HE children


  78. Grandparent of HE young people


  79. Grandparent of HE young people


  80. parent interested in starting HE


  81. Flexi-schooling


  82. interested member of public


    In others 12


  83. NATT- National Association of Teachers of Travellers


  84. Centre for Personalised Education Trust (Roland Meighan)


  85. LA/Other – area coordinator for EOTAS, previous head of service for EHE and sick children, ex teacher


  86. concerned parent


  87. Christian Education for Deeside Exam Centre – org run by HE parents to enable exam taking


  88. ACERT – Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers – org representing Traveller Education Services and those interested in Gypsy and traveller Education


    In others 13


  89. Government for London – AMA Network  (see 39 above)


  90. Ex Education Otherwise Trustees specialising in the law concerning HE


  91. mother of 4 school children


  92. parent of school child, has HE friends


  93. DEAP – Disability, Education and Play (reg charity no 279455)


  94. “Advisory teacher monitoring traveller … cases”


    In others 14


  95. “interested party”


  96. parent considering HE


  97. grandmother supportive of HE


  98. interested in HE as an option


  99. school governor


  100. grandparent of 3 HE children


  101. parent of children who never went to school


  102. grandparent of HE children




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