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Reading List


Dear Mr Badman,


AHEd members suggest that you are not currently in a position to make an unbiased review of home education. The following reading list should take you some steps further toward impartiality. We hope you will take time to read them:




Children in Chancery

Joy Baker, Hutchinson 1964

out of print but available to buy on Amazon for example, and discussed in:

Joy Baker: Trailblazer for home-based education and personalised learning

Chris Shute

ISBN 9781900219358


Hold onto your kids: Why parents need to matter more than peers.

Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate

ISBN 0375760288


Instead of Education

John Holt

ISBN 1591810094


Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum Children (Paths are Made by Walking)

Edited by Terri Dowty and Kitt Cowlishaw

ISBN 1843100371


Moving a Puddle

Sandra Dodd

ISBN 1411648684


Doing it their way: Home based education and autonomous learning

Jan Fortune-Wood  

ISBN 1900219166


Without Boundaries: consent-based, non-coercive parenting and autonomous learning

Jan Fortune-Wood   

ISBN 1900219174


Bound to be Free: home education as a positive alternative to paying the hidden costs of ‘free’ education

Jan Fortune-Wood  

ISBN 1900219204


Troubled Children: A fresh look at schoolphobia

Pat Knox, Self Publishing Association

ISBN 1854211064


The abuse of care and custody orders and understanding school phobia.  

Pat Knox, Self Publishing Association

ISBN 1854210661


Learning from home-based education

Roland Meighan, Education Now Books,

ISBN 187152606X


The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to quit school & get a real life & education.

Grace Llewellyn 

ISBN 1862041040


Schooling as Violence: How Schools Harm Pupils and Societies 

Clive Harber



Bullycide: Death at Playtime - An Expose of Child Suicide Caused by Bullying 

Neil Marr



Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise and Other Bribes 

Alfie Kohn



Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing 

Alfie Kohn



The End of Education 

Neil Postman



Compulsory Miseducation

Paul Goodman

ISBN 014080613X


Life-Enriching Education: Nonviolent Communication Helps Schools Improve Performance, Reduce Conflict, and Enhance Relationships 

Marshall B. Rosenberg



Schools Out: Educating your child at your home

Jean Bendell

ISBN 0952170329  


Anatomy of choice in Education

Meighan R and Toogood P, Ed Now Books

ISBN 1871526078



Roland Meighan, Ed Now Books

ISBN 1871526000


John Holt, Personalised Education and the reconstruction of schooling

Roland Meighan, Educational Heretics Press 

ISBN 0951802283


Compulsory Schooling Disease  

Chris Shute, Educational Heretics Press

ISBN 0951802224


Alice Miller: the unkind society, parenting and schooling

Chris Shute, Educational Heretics Press

ISBN 1951802259


The Next Learning System: and why home-schoolers are trailblazers 

Roland Meighan, Educational Heretics Press

ISBN 1900219042


Teach Your Own                                             

John Holt, Lighthouse Books     

ISBN 0907637000


Learning all the time                                         

John Holt, Lighthouse Books    

ISBN 1871526043                                


Dumbing us down: The hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling. 

John Taylor Gatto, New Society Publishers

ISBN 086571231X                                                     


In their own way: Discovering and encouraging your child’s personal learning style.

Thomas Armstrong (USA)G.P.Putnam’s Sons

ISBN 0874774667


The Unschooled Mind               

Howard Gardner, Fontana Press             

ISBN 0006862659


Deschooling our Lives 

Matt Hern (Ed), New Society Publishers 

ISBN 0865713421


Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, Bloomsbury 1996 

ISBN 0747526257


How Children Learn (revised edition)                    

John Holt, Penguin    

ISBN 0140136002


How Children Fail (revised edition)            

John Holt, Penguin                                

ISBN 0140135561   


Child’s Work: Taking childrens choices seriously

Nancy Wallace, Holt Associates                      

ISBN 091367706X


Deschooling society                                          

Ivan Illich

ISBN 0714508780


Young Children Learning                      

Tizard B & Hughes M

ISBN 0631236155


Children Learning at home                                

J Webb, Falmer Press   

ISBN 1850008124


Those Unschooled minds - Home educated children grow up

J Webb, Educational Heretics Press  



Free Range Education: How home education works

Terri Dowty (Ed)   

ISBN 1903458072



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