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Complaint to Cabinet Office - Reply 1

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Complaint to Cabinet Office - Reply 1


This is the reply we received from the DfES to our complaint You can see AHEd members response to this here.


Sent: Wed Feb 21 12:47

Subject: Fwd: Case Reference 2007/0007653


Dear xxx,


Thank you for your email dated 31 January 2007, in which you formally complain to the Cabinet Office about consultation arrangements regarding Elective Home Education.


I should first point out that the intended consultation on possible changes to home education monitoring arrangements has not yet been launched and indeed, final decisions as to what might be included in any consultation have not yet been made. When planning for the consultation began, meetings did take place with a small number of organisations. However, as the content of the consultation is still under review within the Department, no further meetings are expected to take place until the way forward has been decided. We believe this is best to minimise the burden on stakeholders and also to avoid raising expectations unnecessarily.


The Department believes that extensive consultation is the best way of achieving a wide debate amongst home education groups and local authorities and we will of course ensure that any consultation reaches the widest possible audience. Whilst any consultation will be conducted primarily via the Department's website, in line with current DfES policy, arrangements will also be made to ensure that any individuals or groups without internet access receive hard copy documents on request.


We currently hold details of several hundred home educating parents, and others, who have expressed interest in the intended consultation, and recognise we need to do further work to address the difficulty in engaging hard to reach stakeholders who do not belong to any organisation or network and may not otherwise make themselves known to us.


The former consultation on draft local authority guidelines involved a sample of local authorities and home education organisations, who were asked to share the document with other interested parties. Whilst consideration has been given to publishing these guidelines shortly, we are currently reviewing whether it might be helpful to first consult widely on a revised version, which takes account of previous comments. This is in part because of the new statutory duty on local authorities to identify children not receiving education and the development of the information sharing index, both of which have links to home education policy, but also reflects increased interest since the initial consultation.


Please be assured that we will seek to engage with all stakeholders, once the way forward has been finally decided.


Yours sincerely,


Elaine Haste




Your correspondence has been allocated the reference number 2007/0007653.

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