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During September 2009, home educators noticed the disappearance of the guidelines from the DCSF website. We have now placed a copy of the guidelines in our files.


Current link to guidelines (after another being lost event during changes: January 2011. This seems to be a regular occurance.)


Letter to DCSF

Missing DCSF Elective Home Education Guidelines


Dear Sirs,



Following its disappearance from the usual location, and a thorough search, I cannot find a copy of the elective home education guidelines to local authorities that were published in November 2007. Please tell me where this can now be found.



Your department has carried out a review into arrangements for home education which is currently under inquiry by the select committee, and a consultation is running following from the review. The existing guidelines are relevant to both the inquiry by the select committee and the current public consultation. We are concerned that the disappearance of relevant data could be a deliberate attempt to frustrate access by the removal of the guidelines from the DCSF website, and to therefore manipulate the process of consultation and government inquiry.



Please give this matter your urgent attention.



Yours faithfully,



(Chair, AHEd)

For the committee and membership of AHEd  





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