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One - DfEs Consultations


DfEs state on their consultation site:

Welcome to the Department for Education and Skills' new e-consultation website. From here you can access all of our live and archived consultations, or view the results of consultations. The site is Here.



Monitoring our Government.


AHEd is keeping an eye on government issues including enquires, consultations, regulations and guidances that may affect the rights and freedoms of home educating families.


List of Issues:


Definition of full time education in Independent Schools

Launch Date: 30 Nov 2006

Closing Date: 22 Feb 2007

You can have your say in this consultation here.


Duty to secure access for young people to positive activities.

Launch Date: Friday 5th January 2007

Closing Date: Friday 30th March 2007

Final guidance issued (Feb 2007)

Consultation here.


Exclusions: penalty notices or prosecution for parents where excluded pupils

are found in a public place during school hours in the first five days.

Regulations: Feb 2007 – May 2007

Guidance: Feb 2007 – May 2007

Final regulations –Sept 2007


Regulations: Entitlement for every pupil to study at least two sciences to GCSE level. Jan – Mar 2007

Final Regulations issued Sept 2007


Regulations published and coming into force with no consultation: April 2007 –


Inspection of Local Authorities: publication of action plans following inspection of children's services.


Education and Training: publication of actions plans following inspection of post 16 provision and 14-19 area inspections.


Functions of Children's Rights Director. Powers and procedures for investigation of parental complaints by Ofsted.


Children's rights questionnaire for children and young people The online survey of children and young people’s views on their rights.

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