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"Estyn is the office of Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales. It is independent of, but funded by, the National Assembly for Wales under Section 104 of the Government of Wales Act 1998. The Chief Inspector and her staff are civil servants."


IN both the framework and guidance for Local Authority inspection, the following paragraph is under section 2.2.2, "The Council’s work in raising standards for specific groups of vulnerable children and young people", outlining what Estyn will be assessing the council on:


There are effective procedures to monitor the education of children and young people educated outside school, including children educated at home by their parents The Council provides parents educating their children at home with helpful guidance when requested to do so.


Also, the paper on "Local education authority practice in monitoring the location of pupils being educated outside the school setting and those missing from education" is, as CME guidelines tend to be, prblematic in many areas. The definitions of who children missing from education are muddled, and often conflate "not in state or private school" with "missing from education". The section on "pupils" who are educated at home implies a monitoring duty:

36 Most local authorities maintain regular contact with the parents of these children. They monitor the children’s progress and sometimes give advice to parents on what needs to be taught.


37 A few local authorities do not keep full data on pupils who educated at home. Although they may know the number of children in their authority who are educated at home, there is little or no contact with the parents of those pupils. These local authorities cannot say, with any certainty, if they are receiving an appropriate education.


Nor, it should be pointed out, can they say with any certainty that they are not, and, absent any other causes for concern, is it their job to say whether the education is appropriate.


So it seems that, despite the better parts of the WelshNationalGuidelines on home education, Estyn is still labouring under the impression that monitoring and assessment of home educated "pupils" is the job of Local Authorities.




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