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Welcome to the AHEd wiki! This is a public wiki for sharing information, opinions, support and work promoting the rights and freedoms of families electing to educate their children outside the schooling system. AHEd works in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The content of this site depends on contributors. You do not have to be a member of AHEd to take part. Make your own pages! Click on Edit tab to add to pages! Please let us know if you have ideas or want to contribute. (Contact details at end of page.) Click on 'sidebar' to see some page links or use the search facility. To see a list of all pages click: here or check the navigator to the right of the page which organises the pages into files. 


Briefing Paper - Bradford Proposals 2016 http://ahed.pbworks.com/w/page/111958612/Briefing%20paper%20re%3A%20Bradford%20Report%2012%20Oct%202016  


Wales Consultation 2012




Registration Regulations England - 2011 proposals




AHEd write (Nov 2010) to Education Minsiter, Mr Gove MP, to ask him to sort out the chaos caused by Section 436a of the Education Act 1996 - he's being tardy with a response - see what you could do to help!


Have You Signed the Parents Declaration!  


Proposed SAOs - What section 437 etc of the Ed Act 1996 would look like if the Children Schools and Families Bill suceeds


Response to Consultation on Registration and Monitoring Oct 2009


Results of Consultation published: 10.01.10


Brick in the Wall! (Children's Liberation Front!)


Nothing to Hide? (A young person responds.)


Reviewing Home Education - Badman Song 


Declaration to Parliament - make your protest felt.


NOTE: despite preparing submissions and requesting an invitation to give oral evidence to the Inquiry into the Badman review, AHEd, AEUK and the Facebook group (Stop the government stigmatising home educators)  have sadly not been included in the witnesses called to give oral evidence. 07.10.09


Index to pages  (needs updating)



re Badman Proposals and Consultation on Registration and Monitoring 


Advice For Writing To Your MP


Child abuse and home ed? The statistics. 


Home Education Review




"The government doesn't care about the evidence. If they did there would never have been a review in the first place and its recommendations would not have been accepted by the government. The real problem is that the government publicly claims that they implement evidence-based policy, but time and time again they have shown that they actually manufacture policy-based evidence."

(home ed parent.)


We're gonna do it anyway!   Lyrics - So Strong! 


Petition No 10 


International petition


John Taylor Gatto 


Every Child Matters?


Each week: 450,000 children are bullied in school

Each year: more than 360,000 children injured in schools
Each year: at least 16 children commit suicide as a result of school bullying
Each year: an estimated 1 million children truant
Each year: more than 1 in 6 children leave school unable to read, write or add up
Every Child Matters?



Home Education:  because EACH child matters, individually!


See Anomaly Figures


Anomaly Who?


ARCH campaign: Children's Databases on youtube


Hands Up for Home Ed





"The Hungry School," by Rowan:


 "Schools have not necessarily much to do with education....they are mainly institutions of control, where basic habits must be inculcated in the young. Education is quite different and has little place in school." Winston Churchill





Editing the wiki


Make a new page or edit existing pages - see below!


Want to experiment? Play in the SandBox






This wiki is provided for collaboration between home educators and is a work in progress with multiple contributors. Opinions expressed on this wiki are those of the contributors and not necessarily of the managing committee of AHEd. Information provided is not necessarily endorsed by the managing committee of AHEd.








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