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Gordon Brown PM

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Letter to Gordon Brown


Ahed has written to Gordon Brown, 28.06.07



To: The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown,

10 Downing Street,




Dear Sir,


I am writing to you to ascertain for our members if there will be consistency in government policy on Educational issues, now that you have taken over the office of Prime Minister; in particular, the right of parents to choose how, when and where their children are educated including the right to choose home based education outside the school system?


In March this year the previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made the following statement in response to a petition from parents supporting elective, home based education: "The Government respects the rights of parents who choose to educate their children at home... Local authorities have a limited scope for intervention if it appears to them that a child in their area is not receiving a suitable education... This should be done sensitively ... home educators do not have to follow the National Curriculum and have a broad discretion as to how and when education takes place."


We have documented this with links to the full information on our public wiki here:




It is a matter of primary concern to our members to receive your comment, particularly in view of a number of consultations and proposals that have been carried out or suggested by the DfES and that are currently in process.


I look forward to your comment. We would be grateful if you will send us an acknowledgement of receipt and some idea as to when we can expect a response. We would prefer if you respond to us by email to ahed@ahed.org.uk if possible.


Yours sincerely,



( )

(Chair, AHEd.) For the committee and membership of AHEd

www.ahed.org.uk The Action for Home Education Group.


Copies to: Secretary@ahed.org.uk AHEd committee, AHEd members discussion forum.

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