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    1. News
    2. Front Page.
    3. Acceptable Use Policy.
    4. Ace Literature.
    5. AHEd complaint
      1. Consultations procedures flawed.
      2. DfES reply
      3. BRE reply?
    6. AHEd Press Releases
    7. The Big Lie.
    8. Campaigns
      1. Anomaly Campaign.
      2. Hands up 4 Home Ed!
      3. Petition to the Prime Minister
      4. End Compulsion in Education
      5. NHS benefits to children in f/t education aged 16-18
      6. Liberty Letter:
    9. Child Abuse
      1. Children at Risk in Schools:
    10. Children Missing Education
    11. Consultations.
      1. Revised Statutory guidance for LAs in England to identify children not receiving a suitable education (August 2008) (closes Oct 24 2008)
      2. Raising Expectations
      3. Raising Standards
      4. Definition of Full Time Education
      5. Definition of Independent School 
      6. Complaint re public bias of DfES and LA personnel
      7. Consultation: EHE guidelines (July 2007)
      8. In Work, Better Off
    12. Creative Commons License.
    13. Free or Cheap Home-ed Ideas.
    14. Government Policy Action.
      1. Lord Adonis writes
      2. PM supports us!
      3. AHEd concern
      4. Reply
      5. Another example
      6. Threat to Lone Parents Benefits
    15. Home Education - Legal bits.
    16. Home Education Works!
      1. Add your comments (Child's education.)
      2. What Are They Doing Now? (post 16 ed.)
    17. Home Visits?
      1. What's Wrong With Home Visits?
    18. Ivatt's Report.
    19. Light Touch Changes.
    20. Local Authority Education Department - Issues.
      1. Guidance on Improving LAs:
      2. Meeting the Local Authority.
    21. Local Authority Policy Action
      1. Manchester policy
    22. Local Authority List
    23. Poetry Pages
    24. Publicity Materials.
    25. Statutory Change.
    26. Truancy Patrols.
      1. Cartoon
      2. Loss of Civil Liberties, recorded.
      3. Truancy Patrol Future?
      4. Children Missing Education?
    27. Useful Links!
    28. Wales.
    29. Why Home Educate?
    30. What Are They Doing Now?






Front Page.


The home page of AHEd's public wiki.


Acceptable Use Policy.


Our current acceptable use policy.


This policy is open to contributor suggestion and change.


Ace Literature.


A page to work on improvements to literature sent out by the Advisory Centre for Education.


AHEd complaint


Consultations procedures flawed.

31st January 2007: Our formal, official complaint, in which we outline where the consultation procedure has failed to follow the Cabinet Office code of practice is here.


The letter was sent to the Better Regulation Executive and to the complaints department at the DfES.


DfES reply

Reply from Elaine Haste at DfES.


Our consequent response continues to press our concerns and receives an inadequate response after which we forward our concerns with the BRE. (see below.)


BRE reply?

A reply from the Cabinet Office has not been received as of 25th February, 2007


Following a reminder about our complaint, in March, the BRE writes and we respond having received inadequate responses from Elaine Haste, as above.


AHEd Press Releases


A record of press releases gathered in one place for your convenience! Press Releases.


The Big Lie.


Read about The Big Lie that pervades our society, rules the lives of many and costs the nation (?)billions!




Anomaly Campaign.


In which home educators, whose home ed lifestyle free from unnecessary intervention and government prescription has been called anomalous, take on the title of "Anomaly" with pride in time for Valentines day 2007 and postcard Jim Knight (Education Minister mark 2) to tell him so!


The campaign page.


The here, and postcards.


Posters here.


What was behind the Anomaly Figures?   


Hands up 4 Home Ed!


Independent campaign to give the children a voice about their home education! Campaign info and link.


Petition to the Prime Minister


Independent action by G. Bass in support of home ed and signed by more than 1,600. Petition.


End Compulsion in Education


End Education Compulsion Now!


NHS benefits to children in f/t education aged 16-18


This page details our correspondences to address the situation in which children who remain in full time education after sixteen are entitled to help with NHS costs, such as optical vouchers. Home educated children over 16, some still of compulsory education age, are being refused these benefits even though they are entitled as children in full time education: threat to benefits


Liberty Letter:



AHEd requests that "Liberty" substitute their faulty information on Home Education for correct information that supports our basic human rights.


Child Abuse

AHEd press release.


Children at Risk in Schools:

a page surveying abuse of Children in Schools.


Children Missing Education

CME/CMS? A view from AHEd by Pete Derby.




Revised Statutory guidance for LAs in England to identify children not receiving a suitable education (August 2008) (closes Oct 24 2008)


detail can be found here


Raising Expectations

A consultation proposing to raise the compulsory education age to 18 and to require all young people to participate in further education, work or training accredited by the government.


The executive summary and AHEd's response are here: Raising Expectations.


Raising Standards


Consultation on the Raising Standards, Improving Outcomes Statutory Guidance: "This consultation seeks views on the draft statutory guidance on the Early Years outcomes duty. The Childcare Act 2006 introduces, for the first time, a duty on local authorities to improve all young children’s outcomes aged from birth up to the August following their fifth birthday ..."


AHEd's response is here: Raising Standards Consultation



Definition of Full Time Education

in Independent Schools consultation document can be seen here.


AHEd's response to the consultation is here: Consultation on Def of full time education


Definition of Independent School 

that could see independent, not formerly recognised as full time education and private arrangements open to registration as an independent school, subject to exceptions.


AHEd response is here: Definition of Independent School



Complaint re public bias of DfES and LA personnel

The York Consultancy sample study, carried out as part of the DfES consulting and looking at home education issues, is completed and news coverage includes a DfES spokesperson badmouthing elective home education as a second rate choice. Our complaint can be seen here.

Further to the above, an employee working for 'several LAs' as a home education "inspector" joins what is fast beginning to look like a campaign to smear home educators while the BBC listens indulgently ... and we duly complain like this.


Consultation: EHE guidelines (July 2007)


The AHEd response to the proposed DCSF guidelines on elective home education sets out the changes necessary in order that we would accept any guidelines.




NASWE  Supplementary info to EHE guidelines consult response, and AHEd commentary


London   Safeguarding Network document, and AHEd commentary


AHEd members letter to ministers, last minute input to the consultation and urgent request for reassurance.


AHEd members write to the ministerial team to warn them that the guidelines are in contention and demanding further consultation. See AHEdGuidelinesLetter


In Work, Better Off

A consultation from the Department for Work and Pensions, proposing to remove lone parents from income support to job seekers allowance based on the age of their youngest child. The consultation assumes that parents will use school or childcare settings, thus freeing them for paid employment.


AHEd's response is here: "In work, Better Off"



Creative Commons License.


Using Creative Commons License for publicity and Campaigning materials. Page here.


Free or Cheap Home-ed Ideas.


Free/cheap ideas for Home-ed:Edit this page to add your free or cheap ideas for home ed.


Government Policy Action.


Lord Adonis writes

to one of our members stating that there is no statutory duty on LAs to monitor home education but describes this situation as an anomaly and reiterates the desire of the "state" to prescribe the form of education parents provide to home educated children. See what he said here.


PM supports us!

AHEd 8th January 2007: Open Letter to the DfES, in which, in view of the Prime Ministers strong public support for parental responsibility when former Education Minister, Ruth Kelly, withdrew her child from state school because it failed to meet his needs, we urge the DfES to drop their consultation on how to interfere more efficiently into the lives and education of our children. This letter can be seen here.


The DfES failed to respond.


AHEd concern

15th January 2007: letter to Alan Johnson in which AHEd expresses concern about Lord Adonis' letter to a home educator outlining government proposals to strengthen a duty that does not exist and complains that the consultation procedures are not following the guidance of the audit commission is here.



from Elaine Haste on behalf of Alan Johnson, which is a standard response that does not answer our concerns or even refer to them. However, it does state the requirement that consultations should adhere to the Cabinet Office code of practice on consultations.


You can see this letter here.


Another example

of the standard response being sent to home educators in response to various letters, failing to address concerns. One such sent to an AHEd member can be seen here.


Threat to Lone Parents Benefits

John Hutton proposes changes that would, once again, discrimnate against home educators. Single parents this time! Our letter is here.


Home Education - Legal bits.


Legal Questions asked by home educating parents, here.


Home Education Works!


Add your comments (Child's education.)

or personal account to this collection. So, does home based education work? Or not? See the page here.


What Are They Doing Now? (post 16 ed.)


A page about grown up home educated individuals and what they are doing now is here: What are they doing now?


Add your comments or account to this collection!


Home Visits?


What's Wrong With Home Visits?

Why you might want to choose some other method of providing evidence to your local education authority. Sarah Fitz-Claridge writes here.


Ivatt's Report.


Critique this report here.



Light Touch Changes.


A working document, for us to use to refine and develop our arguments against the proposed changes in regulation of home education. See it here.


Local Authority Education Department - Issues.


Guidance on Improving LAs:




Leverage and exampled arguments.

What can be negotiated, and Conclusion.


Meeting the Local Authority.

A page about meeting the local authority education department workers is here.


This page gives accounts of local groups meeting with their LA education department to try to get better policies and practices relating to elective home education, improve relations etcetera, that might be useful to others taking up similar ideas. Please feel free to add the experience of your group or interaction to improve your local situation.


Local Authority Policy Action


Manchester policy

Manchester City Council website includes a number of worrying comments including the apparent gagging of local authority workers forbidding them from mentioning the elective home education option to parents or children. AHEd members action is recorded on this page.


Local Authority List


An A to Z list of all Local Authorities in England.


Poetry Pages


Poetry Page.

The Schoolboy

HE poetry on Radio four


Publicity Materials.


See the page here.


Statutory Change.


Frequently asked questions you may encounter can be discussed here.


Truancy Patrols.



Kath's Child catcher cartoon.


Loss of Civil Liberties, recorded.

A record of the recent history of how truancy sweep measures have resulted in illegitimate abuse of the home educating community.


Truancy Patrol Future?

Is this the future for truancy patrols? Another Kath's cartoon.


Children Missing Education?


AHEd concerns about children missing education (CME) otherwise known as (CMS). See Pete's poster.


Useful Links!


here. A page of useful and fascinating links!




There cannot really be said to be such a thing as UK education law since the advent of independent assemblies and devolved issues. For action in Wales start here: First Welsh legislation.


Why Home Educate?


(More people should!) See the article here.


What Are They Doing Now?


A page about what grown ups who were home educated are doing now.


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at 7:36 pm on Mar 28, 2007

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For more details, take a look at the Wikipedia page on not using "click here" links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click_here

I would be happy to make the necessary changes here, but thought I had better get some feedback before confusing frequent users of this page!

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Hi Simon,

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The list is ever growing so I thought a table of contents at the top with a short comment at the link for info would make it easier to negotiate. What do you think?

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Hi Barbara, yes I think what you are suggesting is perfectly fine. If anyone wants a printed copy of the URLs of this page, they could always print the source code by using the link near the bottom of the page. The main issue, I think is having informative links rather than "here"s, as you have done on the first few links. I think the table of contents list is also fine as it is. As you say it should be first port of call for visitors to the wiki, so if others are not adding to it maybe this could be included in the notes to contributors, if not done already? I am completely new to wikis, so maybe my initial impression is inaccurate, as I am coming at it as a web user rather than a contributor?

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