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Key Issues and Arguments - Light Touch Consultation

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Key Issues and Arguments - proposed light touch consultation



Working together


This response is being worked on by AHEd members. If you are an AHEd member and would like to work on this letter please contact enquiries@ahed.org.uk.


Group members


  • This is an AHEd response to DfES correspondence. To join AHEd go here Or, to make a comment or contribution mail: enquiries@ahed.org.uk

Comments (5)

starkfamily1@... said

at 3:48 am on Jan 7, 2007

I love the idea of people signing a pledge. We can send postcards to our LAs en mass with the headline: "I have signed the pledge!" and quoting the pledge which we could also have first sent to the DfEs during these consultations. How can this be set up online? Would you like to suggest it to the AHEd committee and members group at AHED members? What we have on the AHEd website at the moment is a holding page so we might find space on the website for a pledge if there are no legal problems associated with an org encouraging people to sign a pledge to behave against the law (if they do change the law) - so it would have to be carefully worded. eg: we ... blah blah ... that ... should the DfEs provide guidance requiring LAs to ... we will refuse to comply with such *ultra vires* demands ... etc.

Dani said

at 7:10 pm on Jan 7, 2007

I was thinking of a pledge at http://www.pledgebank.com/ - anyone can put something up there. It's a way of getting people together to take action collectively. It can also be used to raise money, I believe (eg I'll contribute £10 to a legal fund to defend home educators if 100 other people will). I signed a pledge there not to carry an ID card a few months ago.

I think we need to see the consultation before we decide what we want people to pledge. I'm still not sure what my personal line in the sand would be - is it access to children per se or is it testing/assessment?

starkfamily1@... said

at 2:00 am on Jan 8, 2007

Excellent idea Dani! I'd forgotten about pledge bank :-)

Claire Kay said

at 2:22 pm on Jan 8, 2007

I think this would be a great idea, but I agree with the legality of wording a pledge correctly.
Funding is something we should all be willing to contribute to
as advertising is rarely free.

Have you thought about contacting the Education Editor at teh Gardian as they are always writing very pro home education articles?

Roxy said

at 3:35 pm on Jan 21, 2007

Great set of arguments, Dani. Remembered you had written something along these lines after I had just written something similar (at www.daretoknowblog.blogspot.com "Bullet Point Arguments") and came over to check.

I think we have both managed to cover a lot of the same ground, and at the same time contributed different points, and both come up with what should be convincing arguments.

Will be cribbing points if that is OK...and please feel free to do likewise.

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