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Excellent blog post on Home Ed Forum


Laming's legacy of failure 


..... "There is something very rotten stalking the corridors of power. These corrupt, self serving cowards have effectively collaborated with monsters by tolerating institutional child abuse; they have victimised, slandered, and silenced anyone who has dared to speak out; they have cynically exploited the memory of murdered children for their political ends. They would presume to take 'ownership' of our children's futures, yet have the audacity to claim it is in the interests of child protection. They would invade the privacy and compromise the safety of every child in the country by placing their personal details on a massive, fatally insecure database. They would remove the presumption of innocence and have every parent considered a child abuser by default." ... more


See also: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/head-of-anna-climbie-inquiry-ran-department-that-failed-to-protect-child-702760.html





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