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a page for information, news and comment in Lincolnshire




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EHE guidelines consult - LA response


FOI Number: 07072   

Subject:  Elective Home Education

Thank-you for your request for information from Lincolnshire County Council, we can confirm that we are pleased to provide the following answers to your questions.



I am requesting a copy of the response of the local authority to this consultation. I would prefer to receive this in electronic form by email if possible.


A. The Lincolnshire County Council Children's Services did not make any response to the recent consultation on Elective Home Education. However we have received a copy of the outcome of the consultation and the recent Guidance for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education . We are reviewing and updating the Lincolnshire County Council policy and practices on Elective Home Education including information provided to and contact with parents in light of the new guidance from the DFCS.   It is anticipated that this review will include imput from Elective Home Education families in Lincolnshire. 



Lincolnshire did in fact respond to the consultation. Go to DCSF files  and scroll down to pdf file fourteen, where you will find response 90, on pages 49-57: Lincolnshire County Council.



















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