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Newbie Guide To Home Ed.


The day you dereg* you will shake in your boots no matter how hard core you think you are! 


You will then feel a sense of euphoria somewhat similar to the day you left school! 


Your child will want you to emulate their teacher! 


You will want to emulate your child's teacher. 


You will make cute timetables with lots of pretty felt tip colours and you will schedule in "breaks" 


You will have dumped the timetables by the end of the week 


Your child will at some point say these words : "I don't know what to do, you are meant to be TEACHING me"! 


You will at some point say "that's not the point, I AM NOT YOUR TEACHER" 


One day the Local Authority will contact you..quite possibly by banging on your door (My unsolicited advice is: Open door..tell them you would like them to contact you in writing..close door.


You will panic and write to many email groups about how the LA are scary and how you don't want to talk to them EVER! 


You will try to compose a phil. ed and wonder what the **** is a phil. ed? 


You will spend many hours on your phil ed and dealing with the "case" you are going to put to your LA. In the meantime your child has solved global warming. 


In spite of all your hard work, the LA insist on seeing that your child can read and write even though by now your child is presiding over the Kyoto treaty. But that won't matter to the L.A.! 


You decide you are autonomous! 


You chart all the best places to move in regards to a peaceful home ed life.


You consider Powys and Sheffield 


Before you know it, your child is socialising 7 days a week and you have to book time to see them! 


You discover that summers can be filled with hesfes*, and other home ed camps ..life is never the same again! 


You will buy books on home ed. which you can't put down. They seem to be very ON topic! 


After a year or so you will stop worrying about curricula and the L.A. you are too busy starting a campaign against the next DfES* consultation. Your child is helping you with the legalese! 


You suddenly realise that if they come to get you..there is always the Highlands of Scotland! Or Powys and Sheffield. 


Life suddenly feels good..


the end.






.. or the beginning!!!


*dereg: deregister your child from school officially becoming a home educating parent.


*hesfes: Home Educators Seaside Festival!


*dfes: one of the many names of the chameleon department for education (Jan 2008 - DCSF.) It changes its name but not its spots!



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