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Press List

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Press List


A list of education correspondents, and mention of articles they have written regarding HE so we know who to target and how.


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Comments (2)

Annie Weekes said

at 10:14 pm on Feb 24, 2007

OK, I've put the page here and I'll add to it as I get the time - if anyone wants to format it nicely - um, please do, as I have no idea what I'm doing here! Also, add details if you have them :-) Dividing the page into nationals, regionals and locals would help, as would keeping everything in alphabetical order within those sections. And help! - is the page automatically locked/hidden - because I think it should be :-)

Annie Weekes said

at 9:11 pm on Feb 26, 2007

Can't find anything online about what the Daily Star have written about HE, and there's nothing on the press search I use either - tbh, I don't think it's worth a lot of time chasing this paper up :-)

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