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Do whatever you want with it!




Then click "Save" at the bottom left to see what happens.






Clif is editing a page here to see if there are any problems with the Point and Click editor. So far everything is working fine.


Using Windows XP and Firefox 2 Browser = good


Internet Explorer v7 = good





 I find it very confusing

numsum errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available.

numsum errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available.



Some random text




This text is in a separate callout,

since it has a space in front of it.






David Weekly made this.






http://coceve.com/ is his company.











a boxed word

both underlined and bold

bold, italic, and boxed!


  1. first
  2. second
  3. third


New Heading

How can I get this to appear in the TOC? Aha! Pick eg "Heading 1" in the Format box, above. Easy when you know how!

And this is a subheading off the main new heading

And another one!


And - if you know a little about html, you can click on the "source" box and edit the coding. This is very useful when the wiki seems to reformat a whole page after you import something from an external document such as a Word doc.





Eccentic Pete ... Testing the new interface, scuse I...


YouTube plugin error




slide errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available.


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