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Useful Links

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Staffordshire Action for the Protection of Home Education:

Website: http://www.theartofsurvival.co.uk/homeeducation/

Mailing list: http://theartofsurvival.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/homeeducationlist_theartofsurvival.co.uk

Support, advice, resources and action for home educating families in Staffordshire.


Home Ed Map:

find home ed groups in the UK or add your own for others to find you at the home ed map site.


Home Ed forum:

Forums for discussion of matters related to the practice of elective home education in the UK.

Private Education Forums is an additional members' only area:
Membership of these forums is restricted to home educators and those with a bona fide interest in, or connection to, the home education community. Access is restricted to protect members' privacy and content may not be copied outside these private forums without the express consent of the author
Home Education Business Forums:
These forums are for home educators who already run their own businesses and aspiring home-edupreneurs who are interested in exploring the option of self employment. They are designed to complement the Home Education Business Directory in which home-edupreneurs may wish to list their businesses.
Registration is required in order to post.

Home Ed Resources

find useful resources, downloadable links, lesson plans and more at the HEResources group. 

No membership of the group is required simply visit when needed and bookmark as a favourite.


Home education in Scotland:

Schoolhouse Home Education Association:

For accurate legal information on HE in Scotland.



Home education website for people in Northern Ireland:



New Statesman article - when parents are a child's best teachers 



Why Social Workers oppose the child database:



Every Parent Matters?

"The case has to be made for defending the sovereignty of parents over their own children, to raise them as they see fit and without official intrusion - otherwise parents are destined to become just another partner in the business of rearing their own children." 


John Taylor Gatto Challenging the myths of modern schooling 




The Memory Hole article - The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile 



Autodidacticism - link at bottom to *The Passion To Learn: An Inquiry into Autodidactism by Joan Solomon* Possibly useful list of famous autodidacts 



Are schools killing creativity? - You tube video of lecture by Ken Robinson 



The seduction of Home schooling families - interesting American article about the dangers of accepting funding 








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